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The CEMS Group is a certified system integrator of major global technology providers, such as Eaton, Schneider Electric or Bartec. Thanks to these partnerships, the most advanced available products are found in the solutions we propose, generating added value for our customers and the guarantee of an investment that will ensure long-term efficiency and reliability.
Experience has taught us that the successful implementation of a project does not rely on a single recipe, and this challenge might even turn into an advantage, since the integrator CEMS can provide customized technical solutions for customers, who may thus obtain irrefutable competitive advantages on an ever-changing market.

Priorities for the system integrator

  • optimal implementation time, from design to the delivery of the technological solution
  • higher availability and flexibility in all the steps
  • processes with better optimisation, despite the complexity of the project
  • careful project management planning
  • higher cost efficiency for development and commissioning phases
  • technical solutions, ideally adapted to your needs
  • efficient implementation and use of top-flight technologies in the field
  • lower total costs for the operating period
  • reliability and ease of operation of implemented technologies