The CEMS Group is extensively experienced in the HVAC field, both for industrial installations and equipment and in the field of civil constructions.

The developed solutions envisage optimisation between initial investment efforts and subsequent costs for energy and maintenance. Some of the tools for reducing operating costs are as follows:

  • the use of efficient equipment
  • suitable design, with comfort and energy efficiency as the main priorities
  • using automation solutions (see the page on BMS)
  • a systemic approach of installations in the building.


HVAC solutions

  • Selecting solutions and equipment according to each individual application
  • Procuring and installing HVAC equipment (chillers, air treatment stations, ventilation convectors, air curtains, air conditioning aggregates, heating and cooling battery, radiators, de-humidifier, etc.)
  • VRV, VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems:
  • Design and dimensioning of equipment
  • Selection of indoor/outdoor equipment
  • Accessories for pipes and fittings
  • Wire-based and wireless remote controls
  • “Central control room” system.
  • Moodbus/Bacnet/BMS communication
  • Pipe systems (textile, rectangular, Spiro and ALP)
  • Pipe insulation systems (elastomer based, mineral wool/glass, jacketing and fire protection)
  • Air control equipment (flaps, vollet, transfer grids, adjustment valves and anaemostats)
  • Field equipment (Sensors, detectors, servo-engines, etc.)
  • Frequency converters
  • Force and automation boards
  • Stand-alone controller,
  • BMS communication controller
  • Assembly, programming and commissioning services