Project management

Project management is a complex activity, that implies the observance of clear rules and the fulfilment of predefined steps, as well as a highly developed capacity for analysis and prediction.

The fulfilment of such steps ensures a correct and full implementation of project activities, according to the timeline and the established budget.

The accurate use of project management techniques will help ensure the essential success criteria for the relevance, feasibility and sustainability of the project.

Our project management services include establishing the customers’ needs, estimating costs, preparing tender documents, checking the project, managing the contract, performing the project and verifying completed works. From its design till its commissioning, the entire project is supervised by an experienced project manager. The engineers involved in the project have specialized skills and work collectively in order to accurately achieve the customers’ targets. Our successfully completed projects include greenfield industrial capacities, upgrades in the controlling systems of tools, repairs, retooling and refurbishment of installation and equipment systems.

  • Experienced project managers;
  • The use of top flight software applications;
  • The management of efficient communication between stakeholders;
  • Project management processes: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, project closure;
  • Time, cost, risk, purchase management.
Management de proiect

Reliability. Efficiency. Performance.

Three core values make up the foundation of a dynamic enterprise, geared toward accomplishing the most innovative goals. More than a mission statement, those values materialize into clear objectives, carefully crafted technical solutions from our experienced engineers and, most importantly, successful projects.


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