Power installations

MV and LV power installations

Power installations are a more and more complex field, as technology advances. New topics such as energy quality, operational safety, energy efficiency, simplicity in usage or the quality/price ratio add to the initial need of supplying energy to various consumers. Execution teams are organised into two divisions, civil engineering and industry, with a view to ensuring a satisfactory degree of specialisation, considering the particularities of every sector.

Examples of performed works

  • Transformer stations;
  • Connections;
  • Indoor and outdoor installations;
  • Assembly of electrical boards;
  • Street lighting;
  • Architectural lighting;
  • Counters for large-sized constructions or building portfolios.

Fields of expertise

The Civil Engineering Division

  • Residential;
  • Offices;
  • Commercial centres;
  • Hotels and restaurants;
  • Public lighting.

The Industrial Design Division

  • Oil and gas;
  • Petro-chemistry;
  • Food industry;
  • Pharmaceutical industry;
  • Agriculture.

Reliability. Efficiency. Performance.

Three core values make up the foundation of a dynamic enterprise, geared toward accomplishing the most innovative goals. More than a mission statement, those values materialize into clear objectives, carefully crafted technical solutions from our experienced engineers and, most importantly, successful projects.


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