Building management systems

CEMS Group integrates integrated management system for installations in buildings, in partnership with Schneider Electric, one of the leading technology providers in the field. The great benefit of a building management system is the possibility to control all the electrical and mechanical equipment in a building on a centralised basis, sometimes even from an adjacent area. These include:

  • HVAC installations;
  • Lighting installations;
  • Power and heat counters;
  • General distribution boards and electrical boards of consumers;
  • Electro-generating groups;
  • Water facilities;
  • A system of elevators;
  • Other tools and equipment;
  • Security and safety systems (fire detection, break-in, access control and CCTV).


  • Lower electricity costs;
  • Lower administration costs;
  • Lower equipment maintenance costs;
  • Ensuring control on the building, both from the dispatch office, and remote based;
  • Obtaining specific comfort parameters for the developed activities;
  • Minimizing intervention times for solving failures;
  • Quick response to the users’ requirements;
  • Enhanced lifetime of installations and equipment.
Building Management Systems

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