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The best results in the development of complex projects and general repair and maintenance services can be obtained with adequate IT support. Our experienced planners cooperate with the technical teams to ensure that every step is taken in a timely manner.

Partnering with Oracle complements the technical skills of the company and really adds value to our customers. Knowledge and experience are transferred into a powerful tool that provides easy access to information, control and analysis capabilities.

  • Primavera Portfolio Management: project management;
  • Asset Lifecycle Management (eBusiness Suite): MRO operations.


ALM applications provide a comprehensive set of modules to manage the entire life cycle of an asset. The functions range from asset development — e.g., construction and / or
acquisition, installation, operations management, maintenance planning (preventive, reactive and condition-based), capacity planning (parts and labor), work scheduling (materials, tools
and human resources), work execution (in-house as well as contracted repair), cost management, capitalization, project management, billing and asset retirement. Keeping assets
operational through an integrated suite is key — especially during an economic downturn as replacing assets is extremely costly.


Primavera P6 Professional allows the organization, planning, management and execution of projects, programs and portfolios globally, including role-based functionality to meet the our customer requirements. Is a unique solution for project management of any size that adapts quickly to any level of complexity and can be scaled intelligently to respond to various roles, functions and levels of experience in the organization and the project team. The system is a real support for reducing project-related risks, ensuring clear cost forecasting and coordination between designers, contractors and beneficiaries.

Reliability. Efficiency. Performance.

Three core values make up the foundation of a dynamic enterprise, geared toward accomplishing the most innovative goals. More than a mission statement, those values materialize into clear objectives, carefully crafted technical solutions from our experienced engineers and, most importantly, successful projects.


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