Maintenance and repair of electric motors

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Engines represent an average of 60% of the electricity consumption in an industrial facility. They may exceed 70% of the total energy consumption in a process industry. The continuity of the manufacturing process largely depends on the reliability of engines. Depending on the criticality of its technological position, the operating failure of an engine may cause more or less serious disturbances of the manufacturing process.

The Ploiesti branch of the CEMS group boasts an engine repair and maintenance workshop. However, a significant number of operations also take place on site, where the engine operates normally, also for checking electricity supply. Starting from the most frequent causes of failures in engines, an annual testing and revision plan is drawn up for each maintained equipment.

The optimisation of costs with repairs and energy consumption and the decision to replace or repair an engine are made based on complex analyses.


predictive maintenance for electrical engines;
overhaul of 0.4 kV electrical engines;
repair of 0.4 kV electrical engines;
technical support upon commissioning;
supplying spare parts for new electrical engines;
technical and economic analyses to substantiate the policies of industrial operators regarding engines currently in operation.