Low currents

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Low currents
The solutions developed both in industry and for civil engineering include state of the art technology, with a view to meeting communication and/or safety needs. Reliability, simplicity and low operating costs, the alignment to the beneficiary’s actual needs lie at the basis of the development of a wide range of applications.
Phone cables and optic fiber networks
Structured wiring of IT networks
Wireless network implementation: choice of passive and active equipment (access points, wireless routers, antennas, cables, sockets and accessories);
Equipment and assembly of sockets and racks;
Equipment and installation of patch panels, active equipment and patch cords;
Installation of phone stations, VOIP terminals;
Installation of alarm stations and break-in detection;
Installation of fire detection stations;
Installation of access control systems;
Installation of public address systems;
Installation of IT networks;
Design of low current systems: IT networks, fire detection, video surveillance, alarm systems, access control systems;
Installation of surveillance systems with recording of images and real-time viewing, both on local monitors and remotely, over the internet;
Setting up PCs for video surveillance;
Training beneficiaries for the operation of systems and equipment;
Technical support during the use of the provided systems and equipment;
Consultancy, acceptance of works and delivery of documents.