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Electrical accessories
With a view to accurately meeting the needs of complex technological processes, we have developed integrated electrical accessory solutions, such as electricity supply, automation systems, supply of cables for electrical heating and insulation purposes. The solutions may be adapted to various operating environments, including those with an explosion risk.
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Technological design services
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Process analysers
The installation, commissioning and maintenance of process analysers to be used within refineries were developed in cooperation with our partners Bartec Benke (Germany) and Bartec ORB (United States). All process analysers for physical properties are designed according to corresponding ASTM standards and ATEX certified. The possibility of Modbus communication (RTU or TCP) or remote access (modem, ISDN, LAN, VPN) is available.
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Types of analysers:

Flash Point
Pour Point
Salt In Crude (ORB)
Freezing Point
Vapor Pressure
Cold Filter Plugging Point
NIR – Analyzer
Modular Gas Analyzer (Micro-GC)
Measuring humidity in process industries
The humidity measurement system is used in case the air to be measured includes oil vapours, dust, water soluble gas, solvent, acids and aggressive chemical substances.
Long-term stable psychrometer
Measurement range 0… 100 ° C dew point
Profibus DP
Analogical outputs
The system includes a gas sensor, a measurement device, the heated gas pipe.

Food industry
Co-generation power stations
The industry of construction materials
Measuring humidity in gas
Electrical power stations, waste and biomass incineration
High capacity dryers
Chemical industry
Biomass gasification process