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Maintenance refers to all the actions taken by specialised departments within an organisation with a view to making sure that the system operates at a quality as high as possible. The primary task of maintenance is to ensure the long-term availability of equipment.
Maintenance programmes implemented in major industrial units refer to an array of activities aimed at preventing the interruption of technological costs as a consequence of failures, reducing operating costs, as well as ensuring the safety of the involved staff. The key to success lies in a rigorous planning, based on the acquired experience, an early identification of failure risks, application of complex diagnosis procedures. Last but not least, the used software applications contribute to the attentive monitoring of installations and equipment.
There are many advantages for the industrial operators who assigned the maintenance of their power installations to us:

  • access to specialists in the electrical field, without burdening their own staff schemes
  • planning preventive maintenance action
  • timely intervention in case of a failure
  • lower costs with maintenance and operation of power equipment and installations
  • iimprovement of reliability indicators