PRAM checks

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PRAM checks
Power installations must be checked on a regular basis, in order to avoid them becoming damaged in time for factors such as: excessive load of circuits, wear of insulations, equipment wear, corrosion. Likewise, according to legal regulations, a series of periodical tests should be taken, with a view to preventing electrical shocks to the staff using the power installation and work equipment, or the destruction of devices.

These checks include a range of measurements such as: insulation resistance, dispersion resistance of earthing installations, short-circuit current, continuity of the earthing belt, check of protection equipment.

Regular measurements and checks for:

PRAM checks for continuity: connection of the belt to the earthing socket, engines and electrical boards;
Checking the insulation resistance of electrical conductors, loop impedance, short-circuit current;
Checking protection devices/equipment;
Checking differential disjunctors, the insulation resistance of the cases of electrical devices;
Measurements and checks for commissioning power installations, as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning units;
Checking lighting circuits;
Checking the balance of phase consumption;
Checking continuity and identifying phases;
Failures of cables with a voltage of up to 10 kV
Issuing review reports.
The correctness of the applied procedures and the relevance of results and recommendations are guaranteed by the professionalism of the involved staff and by the quality of the employed tools.